This is the student's work from their second week with the "Readers Make Leaders" program.
(All work is student edited)

Drawings of the Lumbejack Camp:

Student Writing (Description of the Cookshack)
The Cookhouse
The whole cookhouse has a pleasant smell of food hanging in the air. There are full cups of black lead just yearning for men to slurp from, and next to that there’s some cackleberries. Finally, the pies are on the other side of the black lead. Sitting on tables tucked against the wall. All those cookees scurry around like mice being ambushed. Soon all those axe men will be spilling in to have their grub. The cookshack must be a good site for hungry bark-eaters after a hard day chopping trees.
- McKenna

In the cookshack, a woman stood at the baker, stewing previously peeled pratties. Steam flew from the pot as fast as a man can swing an ax. The barn boss occupied the chair opposite the baker. The cookshack’s baker warmed the area with comfort and forgiveness. The room’s tables and chairs were made of well-sanded mahogany, and as the barn boss sipped his black lead, he ran his hand over the table’s surface. There was a stack of split wood by the door, in case they decided to light the wood stove. The wood practically moaned under the burden of knowing its horrible fate. Excluding that fact, the cookshack seemed a perfectly happy place. For within its four walls, there were lives enjoying their element.
- Jack Greene
As you walked into the cookhouse you could smell the cackleberries cooking on the cooking stove and hear the quiet munching of grub. The black lead was as black as the night’s sky just like the jacks liked it. As they finished their grub the crumb chaser dished out stacks of flappers with a side of doorknobs. The oil lamps that hung from the ceiling gave the room a warm fiery glow.
- Eevi