Tuesday, November 20
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Sandisk Sansa MP3 Player

Visual Guide to the Player:

1. Vision of this tool
2. Recording (Students)
3. Getting and Listening to a Podcast (Life long learning)
4. Next meeting

Assignment for Next Meeting:
  1. Subscribe to Bit by Bit podcast by Bob Spranke.
  2. Download "Bit by Bit: Episode #52 Will Richardson's Keynote"
  3. Listen to it and think.


Glossary of Terms:
Podcast: audio recording (radio talk show)
MP3: audio file format that is universally accepted on computers, the internet, and digital audio players
WAV file: audio file format that tends to be twice as large in file size. Most raw recording are in this format
Playlist: a collection of music that you have put together as a group. This is a great way to organize your music files that you want easy access to.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where the stop button on the MP3 player?
There is no stop button on the MP3 player, only a pause button. Pressing the power button once will return you to the main menu.
2. How do I charge the player?
Hook (Hitch) up the MP3 player to the computer using the USB cord. Ben also has a USB power adapter if a computer will not be available.
3. None of the buttons work! Help
Check and make sure the lock button at the top of the MP3 player is turned off. Also make sure the MP3 is charged.
4. How do I record?
Turn the MP3 player on and then press the record button on the side of the MP3 player. You may also go through the voice menu and select “Record Now”.
5. How do I turn off the MP3 player?
Hold down the power button for a few seconds and a “Goodbye” message will pop up.
Computer Program
Accessing ITunes store, downloading podcasts
Real Player
Copying and burning CDs, downloading videos, transferring “stuff” to and from the MP3 player
Window Media Player
Some of the features of Real Player, needs to be up to date
Edit Recording and convert to MP3 format
Sansa Media Convertor
Converting Video and Pictures onto the MP3 player