Monster Project 2007
Kombo Kreature
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This year we participated in Mr. Smith's Monster's project.

A brief description by Brooke Holloway
"Mr. Ferguson told us we were doing a monster project. He said we were doing it with schools from most of the United States and other schools around the world like Japan and Pakistan. We would get to work with other kids from all over the world. We communicated with them online about what the monster was supposed to like. Each school got to decide what a certain part would like. Our class got to plan the eye. The eye was supposed to be a hexagon shape, white with a purple pupil, bloodshot, with spiked eyebrows.
First we had to make a model of our monster. Then we had to decide where the monster was going to be. We made the different parts. The whole class helped and so did the parents and teachers. When it was done, it looked scary but funny too, because it has two tails!
My favorite part was at the end when people put all their stuff on the monster. I thought this project was hard, but and so did everybody else."

A photo slide show of the process