From November 5 to November, Circus Smirkus came to our schools. During the week the students learned some balancing and eye-hand coordination tricks. On Friday they showed off their new skills during the circus show!

external image 1988033930_18a7d3d08c_m.jpg The Balancing Ball external image 1988030636_55fba7b7bb.jpg?v=0 The Balancing Board
external image 1987219993_8f63b45a4e_m.jpg The unicycle external image 1987131879_51adf38d53_m.jpg Plate Spinning
external image 1987063053_3dfe2f0d19_m.jpg The Diablo external image 1987089063_711562a1d1_m.jpg Stilts external image 1987173895_96db7d6731_m.jpg Pedalo

Circus Haiku Poems
external image spacer.gifDiablos are fun
sharing laughs with the carnies
spining plates is fun.

circus the circus
stilts. pedlos I want more!
now the circus, done

external image spacer.gifCircus Smirkus fun
The circus is in town now
Oh what fun it is

Doing tricks is fun
Fun as any circus fun
But not as Smirkus

Circus Time Is Now
Come On In To See The Show
Spinning Plates What Fun

external image spacer.gifThe circus is great
There is no other feeling
Smirkus is Circus

external image spacer.gifcircus tricks are cool
with lots of circus rules to
practice through and through.

The circus the circus oh what fun
Juggling this is what I love
Goodbye to the circus