Welcome Parents!
Over the past month many exciting things have been happening in fourth grade as the students think, imagine, create, and reflect. The class is developing into strong community where students show genuine care and respect for each other and their ideas.
Classroom Projects

  • Monarch Project
  • Focuses on life cycles, and caring for other living organisms
  • Participating in a scientific research project

  • Monster Project
  • Involves of 20 schools from all over the world (Pakistan, Japan, Taiwan, and United States)
  • Focuses on Collaboration, Decision Making, & Critical Thinking
  • Looking for Parent Volunteers

  • Math - Investigations Student Handbook
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences/ Mid-term progress report (rubric)
*Classroom Website**

Life-long Learning
*21st century
Brain Research and a Digital Learning Environment - Ian Jukes
Our Changing World/Global Thinkers - Tim Tyson
Sir Ken Robinson