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Bud, Not Buddy

By Christoper Paul Curtis

In Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis, Bud, the main character, sets off to find his father after four years in an orphanage he was placed in after his mother died. All he has is a suitcase holding rocks and flyer's. On his way he encounters some problems, including coming face-to-face with a so-called vampire and being stopped by the cops. Join Bud as he pushes his way through this quest to find his family.

The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of Cabin Island

by Franklin W. Dixon

In this book, Frank and Joe Hardy are offered a vacation on Cabin Island from a wealthy man the Hardy boys helped. As soon as their vacation starts, some precious metals are stolen and the wealthy man's son goes missing! The Hardy boys and their friends, Chet and Biff, set off to solve the mystery that leads them into interesting discoveries and surprises. This mystery gets your mind racing and you just can't stop reading!


The Castle In The Attic

By Elizabeth Winthrop

In The Castle in the Attic, a boy named William receives a gift when his friendly housekeeper moves away. It is a castle and a small knight, which comes alive the moment he picks it up! The knight, Sir Simon, tells William about an evil magician and fierce dragon, which sets them on a quests into the mid-evil days. The Castle in the Attic is packed with delightful and surprising experiences that will carry you away.


Rage Of Fire

By Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson

In this "Mysteries In Our National Parks" series novel, the Landon family takes a
vacation to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. While there they are asked to accompany a local boy named Danny. The kids go on a hike to meet their dad, a professional photographer, but the Goddess Pele (or so they think) starts to chase them all around the park! This book gets you excited and you just want to solve the mystery!


Help! Get Me Out Of Fourth Grade!

By Henry Winkler

The main character in this book, Hank Zipper, thinks he will be held back a school year
after looking in the teachers grade book. He knows that his parents will be informed at
the parent-teacher conference, and he tries to find a way to make his parents miss it. In
Help! Get Me Out Of Fourth Grade! there are times ·when you want to say, “Don’t do it!",
and many other funny events


The Whipping Boy

By Sid Fleischman

This tale takes you back to mid-evil times. Prince "Brat" loves to be naughty because he never gets whipped. It's against the law to whip a prince, so Jemmy, the whipping boy, gets whipped instead! When Prince Brat gets bored, he runs away taking Jemmy. On their travels they get captured by two highway-men, encounter a bear, and are chased in the sewers. This book is filled with incredible action and fun.

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