Mystery Reading by Eevi


LAWN BOY Gary Paulsen

In this book Gary Paulsen creates an exiting story of one normal summer that turns into something big, something really big. One boy has a secret, a big secret. Everything started with a boy and his old rotting lawn mover, nothing more. But that lawn mover did more than you could ever expect; indeed it changed his life completely. Read this book to unlock the secrets one boy can have one-not-so boring summer.

Perloo the Bold
By: Avi
Perloo, an ordinary Montmer, sits in his cozy burrow reading a book when he hears a loud rapping at the door. He gets up, annoyed at the loud interruption. Little does he know that the knock would lead him to many exciting and dangerous adventures. They will take him and his friends on one of the most dangerous journey that he would wish he had never started. To find out what happens read this book.

The Titans Curse
By: Rick Riordan
This story brings alive enchanting Greek myths of all kinds. Uncover Percy, a powerful demigod, on a dangerous mission. He must join a team of hunters to find Artemis and survive one of world’s most evil curses in true life. But most of all he must save his best friend, Annabeth, from a danger bigger than anyone could imagine. If danger and exploration is the thing you love this book will surely give you plenty.

The Tenth City
By: Patrick Carman
Alexa Daley is stranded on a boat in the Lonely Sea. Her long time friend, Yipes, is gone and a group of ogres are in her home town, how could her luck get any worse? Now she must survive the Lonely Sea, face the ogres and their master to save Yipes. All together it will take a strong hearted hero to do that. Are you courageous enough to read this book cover to cover?
The Subtle Knife

by Philip Pullman
Lyra is on an other dangerous adventure. She is sent to a new world full of unspeakable dangers. In this world she meets a boy name Will who possesses the subtle knife. In their possession are two magical items, the golden compass and the subtle knife. With these two items they fight the dangers of this new world and gain forever lasting friendship. (This book brings together one of the world's greatest .)

The Hobbit

by J.R.R. Tolkien
Bilbo, a respected hobbit is asked to go on a mission with some dwarves. As they pass many dangerous obstacles on their way to the lonely mountains Bilbo learns many important things in life. When they finally reach the mountains they are met by the dangerous dragon who guards the treasure they are after. Bilbo wonders again and again if he'll ever make it out alive. If you read this book you'll probably wonder the same thing.