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Welcome to the Fourth Grade Community,
In this Wiki space, you will be able to find student projects, parent resources, and etc. This is a new site for the fourth grade, so I apologize in advance for any troubles. Enjoy exploring and learning! Links to our favorite websites are kept at our classroom portal. Type in ferguson under the guest access window. Also, visit our classroom website/blog page.
-Mr. Ferguson

About Us:
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Class Photo - Spring 2008
Our fourth grade class is made up of fifteen students and one teacher who are eager to learn and always happy when the knowledge starts to flow. We come from all over the world as far as Finland and all have different personalities and experiences. Trust me! Throughout the day, we are solving math problems, creating movies, learning about the smart board, making mistakes, and sticking stickers on butterflies. Fantastic! On a daily basis, we are weird, silly, and serious. Students from our school come from three towns, Easton, Sugar Hill, and Franconia. Despite this, our school only has 116 students. The thinking and laughter never stops here. [H]-Fourth Graders at Lafayette Regional School
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Fall 2007 - Class Photo