This is the student's work from their first week with the "Readers Make Leaders" program.

Drawings of Al and Gus (the main characters)

In the book, Gus travels back to the days of the Lumberjack Camps. If you could travel back in time, where would you like to go? What year would it be and what problems might you have when you got there?

  1. "I would go back to the "age of dinosaurs" - Nathan
  2. "I would go back to 1976 to see my dad in college and play soccer with him" - Brianna
  3. "I would like to travel back to WWI" - Dodge
  4. "I would go to England in the 1300's and live in a castle" - Alex
  5. "I would go to B.C. because I don't know much about that time and maybe I could see Jesus" - Bryce
  6. " I would go back to ancient Greece" - Harrison
  7. "I would probably go back to live on the Titanic" - Elyssa
  8. "I would go to Ancient Mesopotamia" - Garrett
  9. "I would go to the year 75 million B.C. to see the dinosaurs" - Eevi
  10. "I would like to go back to 1917 when the Wright Brothers made the first successful powered flight" - McKenna
  11. "I would like to go back when the Native Americans were around" - Hadley
  12. "I would go to the Revolutionary War to see precisely how the blue coats defeated the red coats" - Jack
  13. " I would go to see the Nez Perz tribe." - Marianne