In the month of November the students will participate in the “Readers Make Leaders” program. In this program the students read the book Journey Back to Lumberjack Camp by Janie Lynn Panagopoulus and communicate with the author each week via a blog page. (http://visitmyclass.com/blogs/journey07/default.aspx)
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The book is about a boy who travels back in time and experiences a lumberjack camp. Even though the book is set in the Great Lakes Region it parallels the logging experience in New Hampshire.

What is expected?
· Read the assigned chapters for the week
· Complete the assignment given by Mr. Ferguson
· Listen to podcasts on an MP3 player or the website

Reading Schedule
Chapters 1-3
Chapters 4 –7
Chapters 8 –11
Chapters 12— end

Podcasts from Week 1
Overview of the Program
Week One Introduction
Researching for Books

Websites related to this project
Blog Page
Author’s Website

Handouts from the Mr. Ferguson