Thank you for all that attended. We are currently in the process of upload some videos.

"In the Blink of an Eye"

Ben Woo

Garret Ferguson

Lafayette Regional School

1. “Wow” factor – watching videos of time lapse.

Evaporation and Seed Growth: click here
Monarch Butterfly: Live Pupation,

Equipment Needed:
· A web camera, digital camecorder (Driverless Webcam)
· Computer (off the network, desktop)
· Light source
· Power Source
· Software (Adobe Premier, SAM Animation, iMovie, Final Cut)

2. Discussion with the students
Skype Connection
Fourth Grade Classroom
Blog Page

What is time lapse? Why is it important?
Time lapse is the process of taking pictures of something over time to show changes. A computer will take a picture of the object every minute or however often you tell it to. It then combines the images into a movie file.
What have they learned through time lapse?
Describe the difference between third grade and fourth grade time lapse?
What connection did you make to the outside world?

3. Moving beyond the “Wow” factor
Questions to ask yourself when using time lapse photography:
· What is the purpose? - (Curriculum and Standards)
· How does this connect with the world outside the classroom? Global audience?
· How much ownership of this project can the students handle?
- Integration to other disciplines