Lawn Boy

by Gary Paulsen

Paulsen’s book, Lawn Boy, engages the reader in a used-to-be ordinary twelve year old boy’s life, and shows how one day can change your world. As the boy grows, he learns what happens in the realm of adults as well as how to cope with it. Lawn Boy is packaged with hope, courage, and laughter and sprinkled with shocking events. It is a tale spun purely of fantasy, but embroidered with possibility.

by Jack Greene


Al Capone Does My Shirts
by Gennifer Choldenko

It all starts with Natalie, as it always does. That's the reason the Flagon family moves to Alcatraz Island, home of countless criminals, kidnappers, and so on. Moose, Natalie's older brother, wants to be there like he wants a shotgun to blow up in his face. But his father found work there, and Moose's sister can go to Esther P. Marinoff School. So Moose moves to Alcatraz Island, a 12 acre rock covered in cement.


Where the Red Fern Grows
by William Rawls

Rawls's book, Where The Red Fern Grows, is a heartwarming adventure set deep in the heart of the Ozark mountains. The book describes two perfect pets, and lets a lantern and an ax (the latter not so happily) step into the spotlight. It shows off death, pain, happiness, and miracles, and tells what it really means to love. Step into this book's fire and experience the ultimate adventure deep into a boy's heart and soul.

Operation Red Jericho
by Joshua Mowll

This first book in Mowll's trilogy is a think outside the box adventure. It takes place just about any where there's trouble, which is never good, but more-so in the case of Becca and Doug. And that's because they're up against an angry mastermind criminal, who wears a necklace of bones. All in all, Operation Red Jericho is a thrilling tale made purely for people who like adventure, strategies, and making things go BOOM.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
by J.K. Rowling

Rowling's seventh book captivates the reader in a series of magical events, and drops them off in various places. It starts when Harry and his friends set off on a journey to destroy some extremely powerful magical artifacts, and ends when someone must meet their maker. It all comes down to truth and lies, good and evil, when the magical world has the equivalent of a nuclear war. This book really is magic.

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Libarians
by Brandon Sanderson

Age 13, Alcatraz Smedry's suspicion that his parents have a cruel and twisted sense of humor is confirmed when his inheritance from his parents proves to be a bag of.... sand. After he receives this sand, he promptly goes inside, sets his foster parents kitchen on fire, and leaves the room. This tale sends you ricocheting into the unknown, the impossible, where this author has the daunting power of forcing you to read on.