hatchet.jpgHatchet by Gary Paulson

In this riveting thriller there is a boy named Brian. His whole life fell apart because of divorce. That means in the summer he’s with his dad in Canada and the rest of the time he’s with his mom. When he was going up to Canada in a bush plane and the pilot had a life ending heart attack leaving brain in the plane 7,000 feet above the ground!

Call of the Wild
This adventurous book is about a dog named Buck that lived in a warm with his owner. Life is perfect; calm, fun and free to roam around. But all that changes when a tragedy strikes. He is being brought to the Alaskan plains!!!!
By Jack London

Height of danger
In this action packed book there are two main characters named Frank and Joe. They are famous detectives. Joe wins a snowboarding contest and wins a trip to Austria to be security for the Graz world snowboarding competition. The day they get there they almost got flattened by a cable spool rolling down the moutian unlock the mytery in this book .
by Franklin W.Dixon

The Masked Monkey
In this adventure book there are two people named Frank and Joe. There dad is a famous detective named Fenton Hardy so naturally Frank and Joe take after him. In the mystery of this book the search leads them to Brazil but even before they arrive a trouble is on the horizon! By Franklin W. Dixon

Red Bird Rocket

In this book there is a top secret base in the outback of Australia where the redbird rocket is being built. The rocket has revolutionary technology that’s fatal in the wrong hands. There have been attacks on the base for blueprints. Frank and joe are sent over to investigate and before long they have been kidnapped!
By Franklin W. Dixon

Buried alive
In this action packed book the Landon family has adopted an orphan named Nicky. The whole family doesn’t even know all about; he’s been shrouded in mystery the whole time. Mean while the family has been enjoying the wild life and the scenery of Denali national park in Alaska. This big mystery is unraveled just in time for an, AVALANCHE.
By Gloria Skurzynski