Hadley's Book Corner (Under Construction)

Cynthia Lord
Rules is a book that shows how a girl deals with life’s changes and personal challenge. Katherine experiences daily challenges with David her brother who has autism, a new neighbor, and a secret friend. Wile Katherine deals with all her brothers challenges she is struggling to find a new friend. This book is full of reality and character. If that is not a enough then read it yourself.

Ruby Holler
Sharon Creech
Ruby Holler is a book full of excitement and adventure about two children who find a home. How will the children manage going from an orphanage to a mother and a father? Open the pages and experience what will happen when the two children are invited to a new home .

Roxie And The Hooligans
By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Roxie And The Hooligans is a book full of ever lasting problems and adventure. Roxie has a tough time at her new school. Her school is full of hooligans! To escape the nasty hooligans, Roxie hides in the dumpster. Will the dumpster protect her or add Roxie problems? Discover what will happen to Roxie And The Hooligans.

Pony Parade
Ben M. Baglio
Pony Parade is a book full of joy and love for animals. It is very clear that Mandy, main character, carries a strong love for animals. Mandy wants to help Paul rescue the pony that Paul has been wishing for. They also have tons of help from Mandy’s best friend “James”. Paul, Mandy and James are on a mission to rescue the mistreated pony. Will the pony make it through?

Meanest Doll In the World
By Ann M. Martin
The Meanest Doll In The world is a book that is full of adventure and excitement. One day Annabel the doll gets brought to school. Was it intentional to go to school? Is Annabel alone in this world? This book is full of multiple events, decisions and consequences. The Meanest Doll In The World, is a new way of looking at life; in a doll point of view.

by Deborah and James Howe
Bunnicula is an ordinary book! This book is about a large dog, a pesky cat and a harmless bunny. Together , these pets create endles adventure when the owners leave. Read this book and experience what your pets do while you are not home.

By Hadley Starer