To the Top

This story is exciting because it is about two people who are very confident about being able to climb Mt. Everest even though no one had ever done it before. They went with a group a quarter of the way up but they did the rest by themselves. They had to have special equipment and they had to make their way across dangerous crevasses. The men were Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Their story made me want to climb Everest.

Strangely Enough

This book has very scary stories in it. My favorite story is “The Lady on the Highway” about two guys who give a lady on the side of the road a lift. After they talk for a long time, they look in the back seat and she is gone. The men go to the house where she said her daughter lived. And the daughter’s says she hasn’t seen her mother since she died about three year ago.
Yellowstone National Park
A family takes in a foster kid named Troy whose mom is missing. Troy acts mean. His temporary mom is a wolf biologist who works near Yellowstone. She is investigations a report that a man’s dog got killed by wolves, but she thinks he is lying. It was an interesting book that kept you wanting to read more.

Danger on Midnight River

The main character in this book, Daniel Martin, is teased by other kids. On the way to summer camp a bridge breaks and the van with Daniel and the others falls into a river. Daniel because he knows a lot about nature helps the others survive.

Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen

In Lawn Boy, the main character makes his own company of main lawns which is an odd way to make a fortune. Also it is weird how lawn boy is almost acting like an adult. All his hard work does pay off. He also has his own workers which he has to pay. This book is full of excitement.

The Good Good Pig

By Sy Montgomery

This is a true story about a pig named Christopher Hogwood. He is the runtiest of runts. He weighs only 7 pounds when other pigs his age weigh 65. The pig farmers convince a couple in New Hampshire to adopt him as a pet. He's very smart and can undo the latches to his pen with his nose. But when he escapes, he ends up making new friends. The writer really make you like Christopher.

Book review by Alex Meyer