Nate's Nice Book's Reviews



By: Gary Paulsen
A hatchet is the only weapon; thirteen year old Brian carries in his belt when his plane goes down. He is alone in the harsh Canadian wilderness. A rescue team might come, might not. Will he be the survivor, the predator, or just Brian a thirteen year old lost in Canada? This mind-racing book hooks you, and takes you not only into a heart of a boy, but into the heart of survival.


The Ruby Raven

By Michael Dahl
In The Ruby Raven, Michael Dahl takes you inside the strategy of mystery. Finnegan Zwake is Uncle Stoppard’s nephew, and Uncle Stoppard is one of the eight nominees for a mystery writer’s prize, the Ruby Raven. When the duo is leaving to Occo, a mail carrier explodes, when they get to their hotel a snake is in their room. Are these just coincidental or is a nominee eager to get the Ruby Raven at any cost?


The Candy Shop War

By: Brandon Mull
Moving is such as drag to 9 year old Nate Sullivan who has an average life. His life is turned around with a new neighborhood, new friends, and a new candy shop. The candy shop is not the average candy shop. Soon all because of some magic candy from the owner, Nate’s mind is at war and friends and family are at stake. Will he make the right choice of who to trust?

The Boxes

By: William Sleator
A normal school year turns into a nightmare in Sleator’s masterpiece book. During the year, Uncle Marco must suddenly leave on a trip and tells Annie not to open the boxes. Annie is left in charge of two mysterious boxes, one steel and one wooden, but Annie must not open them. Of course Annie is curious, but will her curiosity overpower her love for Uncle Marco? A peek can’t hurt or can it.


Harry Potter and the Deathly


By: J.K. Rowlng
Harry Potter is the kid who knows magic and has a lighting scar on his forehead to remind him of his past. For seventh time, Harry’s nemesis, the evil Lord Voldemort, is back, and stronger than ever. Will Harry survive Voldermert’s wrath? This worldwide phenomenal book answers many questions and ends the beloved Harry Potter Series. Discover your own magic. The question is will you choose good or evil.


Island Book 3: Escape

By: Gordon Korman

Luke, J.J. Lyssa, Will Ian and Charla are six kids on a boat when a terrible storm hits. Four of them up floating on a door in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Where are J.J. and Lyssa? The hungry group of four kids land on an uncharted island with strangers on it. It is all about survival.