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The Ravenmasters Secret

By, Elvira Woodruf


Forrest, the ravenmaster’s boy, is growing up in the 1700’s in the Tower of London. Forrest starts a friendship with a prisoner (Maddy) but soon her cell will be empty and be taken over by rats. Is the day coming for her to face the guillotine and Forrest won’t see the likes of Maddy again? If he doesn’t do anything he’ll see a new head on the hill; if he does there might be two.

Nancy Drew: The Clue of the Black Keys

By Carolyn Keene

moz-screenshot-6.jpgmoz-screenshot-7.jpg[[image:file:C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5Cmarianne%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtml1%5C01%5Cclip_image002.jpg width="165" height="254"]]Nancy Drew, a detective at the age of 18, has just returned from a trip when she gets acquainted with another mystery. At the airport she meets Professor Terry Scott who needs help with a problem. Terry and some other professors were working on an ancient mystery in Mexico when one professor mysteriously disappears along with some items that are cluews. Can Nancy find the professor; or is it too late?

Nellie in the Wilderness

By Lyn Cullen


Nellie lives in the wilderness of Indiana with her brother Cornelius when their father disappears after the death of Nellie and Cornelius’s ma. The two children think that their pa is gone for good but they find out they were wrong when he comes back with a wife from Pittsburgh. She is a city wife and does not belong in the wilderness, according to Nellie. Nellie this there has to be some way for the new bride to leave the Indiana wilderness.

101 Ways to Bug Your Parents

In this book twelve year old Steve Wyatt nickname Sneeze wants to go to the Invention Convention fore than anything, but his parents can’t afford the trip. He writes a book and tries selling it to raise money. Everything doesn’t go smoothly and things go wrong. I think the wide range of difficulties he goes through are humorous and frustrating at the same time. It’s a hilarious that Sneeze gets himself into all sort of trouble
Old Yeller
Old Yeller is a realistic, exceptional book about Travis a teenager, and Old Yeller. While Travis’s father is gone, Travis takes care of his mother and brother on their farm. A stray dog, Old Yeller, appears and is taken in. The dangers they face create suspense. I sometimes laughed and sometimes felt depressed but I Loved Old Yeller.

Ben and Me
Ben and Me is a hilarious book and entertaining all the way around. It’s about a mouse, Amos, who is Ben Franklin’s patron and friend. This book’s a biography on Ben that is written in a funny way. Amos claims that Ben wouldn’t have his success and fame if it weren’t for Amos. Amos says that all the credit is due to him, mostly. All through the book, I felt like laughing out loud and sometimes did.