Dragon Rider
By Cornelia Funke

A dragon, Firedrake, and his friends (a rat and a brownie) go on a journey to find a place in the Himalayans that an elder dragon used to live. The problem with their own home is that humans will destroy it. Along the way they find a very bad monster that is trying to find ware the other dragons went so he can eat them. Firedrake has to find the dragon and destroy him before he causes anymore trouble.

Island 3 The Escape
By Gordon Korman

Luke, Will, Charla, J.J, Lyssa, and Ian are trapped on an island with murderers. It also use to be an old military base for World War II, and there is an atomic bomb hidden in the ground. Things are getting worse on the Island so they must escape. Their only way to escape is to hide in the murderer’s airplane and get to land for help. Now it’s who will stow away and how?

The Lightning Thief
By Rick Roirdan

Percy Jackson goes to school every year and somehow weird monsters come and he gets expelled. He finally figures out that he is a half-blood (half Greek god and half mortal). A satyr comes and brings him to a camp that monsters can’t get through because of magical boundaries. He then is given a quest to go get Zeus’s master bolt because be is the master culprit being son of Poseidon. He has to go to a God and find the master bolt so he can return it to Zeus because if he doesn’t… World War III will be starting.


The Ravenmaster’s Secret
By Elvira Woodruff

It is 1735, and Forrest Harper (an English Ravenmaster’s son) has a Scottish Rebel’s daughter to guard in the bloody tower prison; Maddy Stewart. Forrest now has two problems with his two friends; Maddy is about to get beheaded and Ned is sold to a nightmare.Now Forrest must get Maddy and Ned to safety as a war goes on in his head; friendship or family.Whose head will face the axe? Whose will not?


By Carl Hiassen

Roy Eberhardt finds out that Mother Paula's company is making another pancake parlor right in Coconut Cove. Mullet Fingers (Napoleon Bridger, a friend's brother) is trying to save little owls that live in the worksite. The worksite says they are chickens because they cannot harm the owl; it is illegal to harm the owls in Florida. Roy and Mullet Fingers have to prove that they are owls and stop the construction and save the owls.

Dive 3 The Danger

By Gordon Korman

Bobby Kaczinski, Star Ling, Adriana Ballantyne, and Dante Lewis are on a marine diving expedition for their summer. What they find, though, is much more than fish… It's sunken shipwreck with a treasure. They also do not have all the time in the world, they must get there low depth suits before their enemies (the Ponce de Leon crew) find it first. "Just one bar of gold and we get the treasure."