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Bud, Not Buddy
by Christopher Paul Curtis
A boy sick of the orphanage, his mother dead and no known relatives’ goes on a heart- thrilling adventure which takes him through a cardboard jungles and the house of a supposed vampire. Read your way through this young boy’s journey as he meets old friends and makes some new ones. He travels across the country to find his only living relatives. This is a must read book of thrilling adventure of young boy.
-by Dodge Garfield


Series of Five Ancestors

By Jeff Stone

Seh, a snake style kung fu master, sets out to find his brother monks after
the Cangzhen Temple is destroyed by the emperor's army. Then it seems his luck might have turned. He sheds his monk robe like a snake and joins his father and a band of powerful bandits to fight the emperor and find his long lost brothers. Read your way through the twisting secretive maze of the snake style kung fu!

Dragon Moon
Carol Wilkinson

A girl and a baby dragon set out on a destined life's journey across China to the sacred dragon’s haven. They are not always welcomed because China is angry at the dragons for withholding rain. With Danzie gone, this young girl must choose between a life in the comfort of royalty or the deadly challenges of the country paths. Read into the action packed life of one young girl’s travels and the life of a dragon.


Roland smith
14-year-old Peak looked to the right then the left and finally down. The thought made a tingle go through his spine because he was half-way up a sky scraper. A couple days later he was boarding a plane to the Himalayas. Upon arrival he is informed that his father wants him to climb Mt. Everest with him. Discover and read what happens to Peak on Mount Everest. Will he reach the TOP or HEAVEN?

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
by cs Luise
Lucy looked out over the new world that lay in front of her. It was covered in snow not a single patch of green as far as the eye could see. She ran back to the entrance to this new world and got her brothers and sisters. She led them all back to the entrance and it just so happened that the entrance was an old wardrobe. They all gasped as they entered. They did not know that it would start one of the biggest adventure of all time as they travel through this mystical world called Narnia.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter is just your average kid unless you count that he’s a wizard and goes to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. This year Harry goes to Hogwarts and finds out that the Tri Wizard Tournament is being held at Hogwarts! The goblet of fire is brought out; any wizard that is of age can submit their name to the goblet. Harry sat at the table wondering who the three chosen ones would be (one each from the three chosen schools) To his astonishment his name was one of them but he wondered, he never submitted my name.

Find out how Harry doe"s in the TRI WIZARD TOURNAMENT!

By Dodge