Lawn Boy
By, Gary Paulson

A boy that thinks himself boring and normal soon finds that miracles do happen. His family is poor and just because of a small riding mower from his grandmother and a guy named Arnold the money starts rolling in. Little does he know but money does bring trouble. This cunning boy in a story of courage, hope and a lot of luck engages the reader on an epic journey.
moz-screenshot-7.jpgharry_potter.JPGThe Deathly Hallows
By J.K. Rowling

In this last sequel the Hallows are being searched for in vain, Voldemort is getting stronger and death is still waiting. Join Harry, Ron and Hermione on an adventure of a lifetime and watch the rise and fall of Death Eaters. Read on as the spells, curses and hexes fly in this classic battle of good and evil.

Lord of the Clans

Christie Golden
Thrall roars his battle-cry as his army charges the orc encampment. I must save my kind keeps echoing in Thralls mind as his sword feels flesh. Thrall a former gladiator champion escaped from Blackmoore with the help of a little girl named Tari and becomes the leader of a great army. Finally the time has come to destroy the one he hates. Read on in Christie's book to find the true meaning of courage.

Where the Red Fern Grows By William Rawls Make the journey with a big heart boy and his two brave dogs. After spending three years toiling in the hot sun saving every penny he made to get two basset hounds. His dream is to become a raccoon hunter like all the big tough men. After hearing so many stories about great catches he cannot stand it. As this sweet adventure gets going your dreams and thoughts will be strictly on this novel.

Roderick Gordon

A young boy with an excuse for parents has passion; to dig. It all starts with a friend named Chester and an urge to dig. This fantastic book includes action, terror, and bravery. Little does this duo know an underground city awaits them. Although help does come it is not always enough to help them in the terror filled land of evil.

Robin Hood

Howard Pyle

Meet Robin Hood and his brawny band in the very heart of Sherwood Forest. Read as Robin steals, fights and bamboozles the Sheriff with pure wit. Pyle’s book engages the reader with showing that a thief may not always be what you think he/she is. After reading this classic novel you will easily find why everybody you speak to will know the book Robin Hood.

By Bryce Workman