TOPIC: "Lost in Cyberspace" - How to navigate through the internet
The internet has become a part of our daily life. It is used for shopping, researching information, banking, and reading. As the internet has grown every day people have become publishers and creators on the world wide web. It is now a powerful tool that requires skill and understanding to make it work effectively for you. Come join us on Wednesday night as we explore this amazing tool that affects all our lives.

Goal: Informed Consumers
Intro Movie: Machine is Us/ing Us

Validation Strategy: REAL
R- read the URL
E - Examine the site's content
A- Ask about the author/publisher
L - Look at the links

Information Literacy Quiz (credited to November Learning):

Read the URL:
Extension in the domain name

.edu Educational organization (most US universities)
.k12 US school site (not all US schools use this)
.ac Academic institution (outside of US)
.sch School site (some schools outside of the US use this)
.com Company (usually .co in the UK)
.org Any organization
.gov Government agency
.net Network
.mil Military institution

Examine the Sites Content

**Boiler Plate**

**Ask about the Author/Publisher**

Checking the Website's Author - click here

Look at the Links

Search Practices (refer to the November Learning Workshop Handbook pages 24 - 26)
host or site commands
- boolean operators = (AND, OR, NOT, +, - )
- quotation marks

November Learning Workshop Handbook - click here
David Warlick - Social Networking Wiki - click here
Common Craft Videos - explain wiki and other internet tools - click here
Explaining Google - New York Time Article - //click here//

Wednesday, Oct 17, 2007
1. Reflection of last month's podcasts (Alan November, Joyce Valenza)
2. Internet
- Past/Present
Past (Web 1.0) - read only, email, passive consumer
Present (Web 2.0) - read and write, collaborate, publish, create
Machine is Us
Cup Stacking (global audience)
Fourth Grade Classroom
3. Podcast and Closing

Resources to Explore
Will Richardson Wiki Page
Brain Research and a Digital Learning Environment - Ian Jukes
Our Changing World/Global Thinkers - Tim Tyson
Sir Ken Robinson

Technology Standards
Contact Information//**
Ben Woo:
Garret Ferguson: